Letter to the Editor

Independent Schools' Contribution Positive

Letter supplied to The Courier-Mail, 16 March 2017

David Gillespie's outrageous claim that independent schools manipulate their student outcomes for the sake of marketing (Opinion, Mar 15) is an insult to the highly ethical and dedicated school leaders who have committed their professional lives to educating the children of this state. It is also an affront to their parents.

A look at the data would suggest independent schools have much higher proportions of students eligible for an Overall Position (OP) score than other schools with similar socio-economic profiles.

A report detailing Australia's performance in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) released yesterday shows Australian independent schools contribute positively to Australia's academic results and, as a sector, outshine some top performing countries.

Mr Gillespie's contribution to the pressing national discussion on how to improve education outcomes is to launch another attack on the parents of non-government school students. For what?

They value education so highly they're willing to pay for it twice - once through the tax system and a second time from their after-tax wages in the form of school fees.

David Robertson
Executive Director

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