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About Us

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) is the peak body representing Queensland's independent schooling sector. Independent Schools Queensland represents the interests of member schools, fosters choice in education and protects the autonomy of independent schools.

ISQ's operations are managed by Executive Director, David Robertson, an Executive team and more than 50 staff. ISQ produces a range of corporate publications designed to provide information on our priorities, activities, and management.

ISQ exists for members

We are a not-for-profit organisation focused on promoting and supporting the interests of our more than 200 member schools, which have the vital role of educating more than 124,000 students, or 15% of Queensland’s school enrolments. Membership is voluntary and open to all not-for-profit, non-government schools in Queensland. 

Diversity is one of the key strengths of Queensland’s independent schooling sector. Independent schools enable families to select schools that best serve their child’s needs and cater to student diversity by giving students a head-start in their career; supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students; re-engaging young Queenslanders in education; supporting students with English as an additional language or dialect; and supporting students with disability. Read more about diversity in the independent sector.

ISQ services members by:

  • advocating for and promoting the interests of independent schools to government and the community;
  • providing leadership and support to achieve excellent education outcomes;
  • representing the independent sector on more than 100 boards, committees and advisory groups;
  • providing specialist advice, professional learning and resources;
  • administering government programs for schools;
  • commissioning research on important educational matters; and
  • providing schools access to group schemes and agreements.

A persuasive champion for independent schools

ISQ's member-first approach ensures we not only represent and promote the unique needs of independent schools but also advocate strongly for maintaining their autonomy and support parent choice in education through school diversity. Read more about ISQ's advocacy and representation.

ISQ provides briefings and resources to keep schools informed of key trends and issues impacting the sector. Research papers promote informed public policy debate, and regular meetings with senior Federal and State Ministers and Opposition members as well as local Members of Parliament help represent the views and needs of the sector. Maintaining a visible profile in traditional and social media on issues of education significance and importance to the sector is also an important part of ISQ’s advocacy work. 

The trusted choice for professional learning and programs

ISQ is the trusted learning provider for the independent sector with 50 years’ experience at the forefront of education innovation. We are driven to deliver quality informative experiences with industry professionals and leaders in best-practice, offering hundreds of professional learning opportunities across three flexible modes of learning; face-to-face, live webinars and online. 

All program areas and services seek to enhance the knowledge, skills, strategies and practices of schools and leaders; build board, principal and teaching capability and capacity; and improve outcomes for students at every achievement level. ISQ's program delivery is steered by four flagship programs:


Further to these flagships, ISQ provides a wide range of programs and support services to member schools. Read more on our work with schools

More than 50 years of choice & diversity

In 2018, Independent Schools Queensland celebrated the achievements of the sector and reflected on the organisation’s contribution to independent schooling by way of a celebratory dinner, video, historical microsite and commemorative book.

Related bodies

Queensland Independent Schools Block Grant Authority (QIS BGA), wholly owned by Independent Schools Queensland Ltd trading as Independent Schools Queensland, is a not-for-profit company that receives and distributes capital funds to independent schools in Queensland on behalf of the Australian and Queensland Governments.

Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network (QISPN) is the representative body for the parents and carers of children attending independent schools. It is governed by a board of directors and is supported by ISQ.

ISQ is a member of the Independent Schools Australia, the national peak body for independent schooling in Australia.


Latest News & Events

Vol 25, Issue 1


In this issue, Executive Director David Roberson discusses the impact of increased funding on school results. The Research Feature by Director (Education Services) Josephine Wise and Senior Advisor (Teaching & Learning) Michael Gilliver considers the adaptive qualities of influential leaders during a long-term crisis. 

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