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Federal government relations

School education is a key area of national concern and interest. Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) therefore works in close partnership with its federal counterpart, the Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA), to advance and champion a national agenda for independent schooling.

The Australian Government provides the majority of public funding for non-state schools. ISQ’s advocacy work at the national level is therefore dominated by its efforts to ensure Queensland independent schools receive their fair share of federal funds, relative to the needs of their students.

ISQ acknowledges the Australian Government’s support for Queensland independent schools through annual recurrent grants to schools and targeted capital and program funding.

At the national level, ISQ ensures the unique needs of Queensland independent schools, some of which face heightened challenges related to their isolation or level of student disadvantage, are understood and well represented during national funding and policy discussions. ISQ does this by:

  • working closely with ISCA on issues of national significance
  • attending meetings with the federal Education and Training Minister and other federal Members of Parliament as required
  • holding positions on federal education policy and advisory committees
  • contributing formal submissions to federal legislative amendments, reviews and inquiries that impact Queensland independent schools and to ISCA-led national submissions.

ISQ makes formal submissions to major national inquiries or contributes its views through ISCA-led submissions.

In the lead up to, and during a federal election, ISQ steps up its advocacy work on behalf of member schools to ensure all political parties are well briefed on the issues of importance to Queensland independent schools. Part of this work includes producing federal electorate reports with key enrolment, school and participation data.

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13 March 2019 - Australian schools have access to world-leading wellbeing resources but need support to implement and integrate them effectively in their local environments, according to an internationally recognised Australian wellbeing expert.

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Data Shows Parents Value School Choice

8 March 2019 - Parental confidence in Queensland independent schools continues to strengthen with the sector recording its largest annual rate of enrolment growth in five years, according to new ABS data.

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