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As a sector, independent schools, on average, receive the lowest levels of government funding per student in Australia.

Queensland independent schools rely on three main sources of funding to operate: parents (50%), the Australian Government (35%) and the Queensland Government (15%). 



The private contributions parents of independent school children make through fees and building fund levies save Queensland taxpayers in the order of $1 billion a year, according to research commissioned by Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ). 

School funding is a critical area of advocacy for ISQ. ISQ supports the right of every child enrolled at an independent school to receive a level of government funding support for their education. Children with the greatest need, regardless of what state they live in or school they attend, deserve the most support.

Public funding for Australian schools is a complex and contentious area of public policy.

Changes to school funding

Recently the Australian Government won Senate support to change the way schools are funded from 1 January 2018.

The changes, which will affect schools in different ways, are contained in the Australian Education Amendment Act 2017. Read about how the changes apply to independent schools in ISQ’s School Funding: 2018 and Beyond fact sheet.

The purpose of the changes is to deliver a fairer and more consistent approach to the distribution of Australian Government funding to schools.

The Australian Government has prepared a range of school funding information sheets for parents and schools on the changes. The Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA) has also put together a snapshot of the changes for independent schools.

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