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Infrastructure planning

Independent schools are an important part of Queensland’s tripartite education landscape which is made up of state, Catholic and independent schools. Maintaining school choice for parents through a healthy and growing independent schooling sector is a priority for ISQ.

New independent schools only take years to plan and construct and require a significant up-front capital investment.

That is why the adequate and timely provision of additional school infrastructure is an ongoing area of advocacy for ISQ. Key focus areas include:

  • ensuring there is adequate land provision for new independent schools and facilities
  • further levelling the playing field for procurement of infrastructure and investigating innovative ways to finance the massive cost of school infrastructure
  • ensuring access to efficient student travel options and fast, efficient online services
  • reducing red tape impeding timely school infrastructure approvals
  • engaging with and providing feedback to governments on planning reforms.

ISQ makes formal submissions and comments on planning reforms.  ISQ also arranges special collaborative events that bring government, members and key stakeholders together to discuss planning and partnerships opportunities for school infrastructure.

Read about upcoming school planning events, applications for new non-state schools, land available for school sites and the latest government planning changes or proposals in ISQ’s Planning Focus Area Update.

ISQ also provides a range of specific information, advice and contacts to support existing independent school providers or new proponents establish new independent schools or campuses.

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January 2019 - Queensland independent schools are set to welcome more than 123,000 students in 2019 and are also well prepared for historic changes to the state's senior schooling and tertiary entrance systems which commence with Year 11s this year.

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14 November 2018 - ISQ ED David Robertson speaks to the importance of schools addressing the risks in budgeting for volatility in Gonski 2.0 and ISQ's Director (Education Services) examines the value school leaders have on great teachers and great teaching.

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