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Our Schools – Our Future

Our Schools – Our Future is a flagship ISQ research-based program designed to lead and provoke informed public policy debate about school education.

Through commissioned and internal research, Our Schools – Our Future explores key issues, along with current and future trends that are influencing, shaping and disrupting the design and delivery of school education in Queensland and Australia. 

The research, which often has a focus on independent schooling provision, seeks to provoke broader discussion across the education sector by examining current and future policy issues and posing questions which challenge the status quo, public policy makers and educators at the coalface of education delivery. 

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Schools Say No to Bullying

15 March 2019 - Queensland independent school students are uniting with more than 2 million young people nationwide to say no to bullying and violence as part of Australia’s 9th national day of action today.

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Supporting Wellbeing Inside the School Gate

13 March 2019 - Australian schools have access to world-leading wellbeing resources but need support to implement and integrate them effectively in their local environments, according to an internationally recognised Australian wellbeing expert.

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Data Shows Parents Value School Choice

8 March 2019 - Parental confidence in Queensland independent schools continues to strengthen with the sector recording its largest annual rate of enrolment growth in five years, according to new ABS data.

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