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State election 2020

Authorised by David Robertson, Executive Director, Independent Schools Queensland,
96 Warren Street, Spring Hill, Queensland, 4000. 

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) engages with representatives from the major political parties on a range of education issues. This advocacy work intensifies in the lead up to the election. The Queensland election will be held on Saturday 31 October and the next Government will have a four year fixed term.

Information and resources

Policy platforms of the major political parties and key developments related to the education sector announced during the election campaign are referenced on this page. 

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State election statement

Responses by political parties to ISQ state election statement

  • These will be added once released.

Election updates

Electorate reports and information

ISQ election media releases


Election policies

Australian Labor Party (ALP)

This will be added once released.

Liberal National Party (LNP)

This will be added once released.

The Queensland Greens

Pauline Hanson's One Nation



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