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Action Research

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This self-paced course guides the participant through an action research process. The online content is designed to be used simultaneously with the enactment of an action research project. The course includes practical information and activities, from developing a research question to project reporting.

Action Research Module 1

In Action Research Module 1 you will learn about the action research process, how to identify and investigate a research problem and aim, how to investigate, narrow and define elements of a research topic, and how to refine a research question for a school project context.

Action Research Module 2

In Action Research Module 2 you will learn about quantitative and qualitative data types, how to identify relevant data types available in schools, how to design and implement quantitative and qualitative data instruments, and how to enact and complete the first phase of an action research project - "The Reconnaissance Cycle".

Action Research Module 3

In Action Research Module 3 you will learn how to apply strategies to collaborate as equally valued and productive team members and how to understand and apply strategies to deepen collaborative dialogue. You will also learn about the process of planning action cycles from project reflections, how to plan and enact the first project action cycle, and how to reflect on project action cycle data and plan future action cycles.

Action Research Module 4

In Action Research Module 4 you will learn about collating data for analysis and reflection, how to display data findings for meaning and how to apply strategies to create a research legacy model. You will also learn about the structure and information required within a research report and how to create one.


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