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Building and Sustaining Coaching in Schools

School Leaders and Executive Team Coaches / Mentors
This series of three, one hour modules explores coaching as an approach to professional learning and school improvement. This course will assist you to learn about building coaching, implementing coaching and deepening, extending and sustaining coaching

Module 1- Building Coaching

In this module, you will learn about implementing coaching as a process for professional learning and growth, using data to inform coaching and to measure impact, and how to establish a coaching team with defined roles.

Module 2 - Implementing Coaching

In this module, you will learn about planning and implementing coaching activities, planning for and conducting coaching conversations, and how to differentiate coaching.

Module 3 - Deepening, Extending and Sustaining Coaching

In this module, you will learn about how coaching partnerships may be deepened, how coaching processes can be extended, and how coaching may be sustained.


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