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Drones, a Classroom Perspective

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This webinar is designed for teachers who are passionate about improving students’ digital proficiencies needed for navigating the technological world. Digital proficiency is the ability to use a range of platforms and programs to communicate, find information, solve problems or complete tasks.

Tuesday 22 MAY 2018

3.30pm-4.30pm AEST

The focus of this webinar is to demonstrate practical strategies for delivering the digital technologies curriculum that explicitly develops students’ future skills. Participants will explore the principles of programming and build the skills necessary for flying and using drones in their teaching. Please, join Travis Goulter from Ormiston College to hear and see first-hand how students from the primary years are learning and developing their coding, computational and problem thinking skills. Travis will demonstrate multiple platforms for flying drones and have you launching your drone in no time.

Explore the benefits of digital proficiencies, so that students are provided with:

  • active rather than passive experiences
  • computational and problem thinking skills and activities
  • multiple platforms for developing skills

About the presenter

Travis Goulter is Head of Junior School at Ormiston College and is passionate about the utilisation of digital technologies and innovative pedagogical practices to engage students and enhance learning. He strongly believes in the benefits of strong professional learning networks that challenge and support teachers to continually grow as educators. Travis has been recognised as a Microsoft Innovative Education Expert and in 2017 represented Australia at Microsoft's Global Education Summit in Toronto. In 2016, the Educator Magazine recognised Travis for his commitment to innovative teaching and learning, with his inclusion in their national Hot List recognising forty educators from across Australia who are the most influential figures in Australian education. 

How will I benefit?

  • explore the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies
  • learn skills for flying drones
  • gain an understanding of skills for future citizens


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The next webinar will be held on 28 August 2018.