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Educational Data Modules

School Business Management group All Teachers School Leaders and Executive Team Governing Body Members
This series of online modules for teachers, school leaders and board members can be completed as a course or accessed independently. It is designed to help learners to understand the educational data available and support them in evidence-based decision making for individual students and cohorts as well as strategic planning.

Data Modules

The Case for Educational Data

Module 1 of the Educational Data Course. This module will assist school leaders and teachers to understand why engaging in educational data is important and will outline some of the key international research that supports the use of educational data for Student outcomes, leading change and school improvement.This activity is supported by funding from the Australian Government’s Non-Government Reform Support Fund (NGRSF).

Data Sources and Types

In this module, you will uncover the direct links between educational data and school improvement, identify a range of data sources and types available, whilst also develop an awareness around school improvement expectations, as set out in the Professional Standards for Principals and Teachers.

Using Individual Student Data

This module will provide you with information about using data and identifying strategies to assist with improving outcomes for students.

Using Cohort Data

Teachers and middle leaders will develop understandings and strategies for leading curriculum change in teams and improvement through the collection, analysis and interpretation of data and evidence at a cohort level from a variety of sources, including school and external assessment, and educational research.

Strategic Planning with Data

This module will provide you with the information about using data to plan strategically and make strategic recommendations for improvement.

Managing Educational Data

This module will provide you with information about the importance of managing data to ensure collected data is accurate, accessible and easily analysed.

How will I benefit?

Completion of these six 1-hour modules will assist you to:

  • understand and build a case for educational data
  • learn about data sources and types
  • use individual student data effectively
  • use cohort student data effectively
  • understand the importance of data in strategic planning
  • manage educational data more efficiently

For further information, please contact Kate Crowe.