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Effective Numeracy Instruction

All Teachers
This is a rigorous and comprehensive online learning course for teachers of numeracy. It considers numeracy as an instructional focus, addresses a numeracy framework, will assist with developing ways of working in the classroom and implementing collection of numeracy data to inform planning. This course is delivered as three, one hour modules.

Module 1 - Numeracy is Thinking

This module looks at numeracy as a thinking process.

Module 2 - Numeracy Engagement

This module looks at how to embed numeracy teaching and learning within a community of learners for deeper engagement.

Module 3 - Planning for Numeracy

This module focuses on the use of data to plan for deep thinking in numeracy.

Satellite Module - Numeracy in the Early Years

Satellite module of the Effective Numeracy Instruction course. This short module looks at numeracy instruction in the early years.

For further information, please contact Rebecca Harris.