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Effective Reading Instruction

All Teachers
This is a rigorous and comprehensive online learning course that focuses on key instructional priorities including reading as a thinking process, embedding the reading process within a community of learners and the use of data to plan for reading. This course is delivered as three, one hour modules.

Module 1- Reading is Thinking

This module explores how we think about reading, the thinking actions of the reader and the orchestration of thinking moves.

Module 2 - Reading Engagement

This module explores social and intellectual engagement with and throughout reading, and affective engagement with reading.

Module 3 - Planning for Reading

This module explores instructional planning considerations, data sources and planning for reading.

Satellite Module - Oral Language in the Early Years

Satellite module of the Effective Reading Instruction course. This short module looks at oral language in the early years.


For further information, please contact Sara Covill.