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The Complexity of Wonder - Mixed and Augmented Reality

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This Webinar will focus on Augmented and Mixed Reality and will include practical strategies for delivering curriculum that is contemporary and explicitly develops students’ future skills. During this webinar, educators will be immersed into specific curriculum programs spanning from Year 2 to Year 11 that involves students developing for mixed reality and learning with mixed reality. Educators will witness effective pedagogy which is accentuated by the use of new and emerging technologies to meet the diverse range of future learners.

23 October 2018  |  3.30pm AEST

How will I benefit

  • Explore classroom units of work that incorporate the use of augmented and mixed reality from Early years to the Senior years
  • Investigate STEM units of work that explicitly incorporate the 21st century capabilities such as Skilful Communication, Knowledge Construction, ICTs for Learning, Real World Problem Solving and Innovation, Collaboration and Self-Regulation
  • Explore strategies for developing a culture of innovation to assist teachers to feel confident and passionate to lead initiatives, take risks and drive transformational change across a school setting


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Vanessa Noonan - Head of Digital Pedagogy Prep to Year 12

Vanessa Noonan is passionate about digital technologies. She has geared her tertiary education, professional development projects and recent work experience towards a career in this rapidly growing field and is well known within the community of digital pedagogy teachers. Vanessa has had the fortune of being inducted into the area of mixed reality by partnering with Dr. James Birt, Associate Professor, Information and Computing Sciences from Bond University and is certified by the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Teaching to Standards with New Technologies.

Jade Frewin – STEAM Co-ordinator Year 1 to 6

Jade Frewin leads the Year 1 to 6 STEAM initiatives, provides teacher professional development opportunities and adopts a team-teaching approach in order to build teacher capacity. This model has allowed Jade to support teachers in transforming their mindset and willingness to revamp the way they engage students in their learning and open up the realms of possibilities that technologies can bring about. Recently, Jade has been selected as one of Australia’s Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts and is recognised by international educators for his contribution to education forums relating to creating immersive educational experiences that can include mixed reality amongst other transformative tools.