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Australian Christian College, Moreton

Year 12 Graduate | Jake Moorhead

For 13 years Jake Moorhead has walked through the gates of the same school – its buildings and layout as familiar to him as his own home.

On Friday 16 November 2018, the decorated senior student will walk through the familiar front entrance of the Australian Christian College, Moreton for the final time.

The College Vice Captain, House Captain and Cultural Support Leader says he has grown up alongside the school, which has also undergone its own transformation over the past decade, including a name change and a quadrupling in student enrolments.

“Between when I first started and now, I have experienced the school steadily grow in numbers, facilities and equipment. I’m sure that it will continue to grow and develop after I graduate.”

The College Dux, who plans to study medicine and biomedical science after graduation, says one of his favourite aspects of the school has been its amazing teachers.

He recalls one memory that will remain with him for the rest of his life.

“In Year 9, I had the opportunity to participate in one of the mission trips offered by the College to Darwin. We visited the Aboriginal community of Beswick, which is about a six-hour drive from Darwin. The trip exposed me to a range of new experiences that helped me grow as a person,” Jake says.

“However, when it came time to fly home, I was unable to get on the plane due to an ear infection. All the students and teachers, except for me and Mr Ricky Shingles, one of the two teachers from College who was on the trip, flew home.

“Mr Shingles selflessly sacrificed his holidays in order to give me time to heal. We stayed an extra five days before setting out by car from Darwin to Brisbane, which took another five days. With the help of teachers and administration staff back home, including Michelle Flood and Leisa Anderson, Mr Shingles and I arrived back home. The love and care shown by these three staff during that time is something that I will not forget.”


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