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Creating learning spaces

M3 Architecture Founding Partner Michael Banney joins The School Bell podcast to discuss the role of designing learning spaces where students can find their place. Michael approaches each project from a social perspective, whereby the user experience - how they feel when they are there - and the physical and cultural contexts are central to the design.

In this episode, we also speak with the principals of Brisbane Girls Grammar School, Clayfield College and Fairholme College about award-winning learning spaces and master planning for the future.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • The role of architecture in student learning
  • The importance of understanding a school’s culture
  • A city within a school
  • Developing spaces for structured and social learning
  • Creating a space where students can find their place
  • Principal Perspective: Ms Jacinda Euler, Brisbane Girls Grammar School
  • Designing for inclusion
  • Master planning
  • Principal Perspective: Ms Kathy Bishop, Clayfield College
  • Heritage-listed buildings and honouring the past
  • Purposeful and flexible spaces for students and staff
  • Creating connections
  • Principal Perspective: Dr Linda Evans, Fairholme College
  • Finding the story - the design follows
  • Imagining life as a student to provide a positive experience through architecture

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