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Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers

What does exceptional teaching look like?

In Queensland independent schools it looks like the passionate and dedicated educators who have achieved the highest professional accolade - being certified as Highly Accomplished or Lead Teachers (HALT). 

Every day these inspiring educators are creating education magic in their classrooms through their subject mastery and expertise in developing, building and connecting student learning.


Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) celebrated the sector's newest 27 HALT-certified teachers at a special ceremony on Friday 18 October. Read their stories below.

These educators bring to 56 the number of HALT-certified teachers now working across 17 independent schools. They join a select network of more than 600 teachers nationwide who have been independently assessed as meeting the two highest levels of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

2019 HALT Media Release

2019 Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers from Independent Schools Queensland.

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