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Independent School Sector Looks Forward to Education Being Prioritised by Second-Term Palaszczuk Government

08 December 2017

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) and the Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network (QISPN) today congratulated the Palaszczuk Government on securing a second term in office.

ISQ Executive Director David Robertson welcomed the Labor Government’s commitments to school education during the election campaign and its ongoing support for school choice and the non-state schooling sectors.

“Education reform takes time and commitment. The Palaszczuk Government is progressing important changes in school education, such as modernising Queensland’s senior assessment and tertiary entrance systems. It also recently updated the legislation that regulates and enables non-state schools,” Mr Robertson said.

“The Palaszczuk Government will now be able to see these and other changes through in partnership with all Queensland schools,” he said.

“Stability and certainty at the political level is important to setting and delivering a visionary, evidence-based long-term education policy agenda.”

QISPN Executive Officer Sue Kloeden welcomed the Palaszczuk Government’s ongoing commitment to supporting parent engagement in school education.

“More than 40 years of research has shown that the children of parents who take an active interest in their education do better at school, have a positive attitude towards learning and greater self-esteem,” Ms Kloeden said.

ISQ, QISPN and independent schools look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with the Queensland Government and the state and Catholic schooling sectors on delivering improved services and outcomes for all students and their families.

Mr Robertson and Ms Kloeden said both organisations also looked forward to working with the Education Minister once the government confirms its ministry for the 56th Parliament.

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