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ISQ Approved as Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Certifying Authority

27 October 2017

As the state celebrates World Teachers‘ Day, Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) today announced it had been approved to certify exemplary teachers who meet national standards of practice.

Independent school teachers can now apply to ISQ to be certified as Highly Accomplished or Lead Teachers (HALT) – the highest levels of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

ISQ Executive Director David Robertson said the national certification process recognised high performing teachers who positively impact student learning, enhance school-wide teaching practices and engage with their communities.

“Research has consistently shown the most significant in-school factor influencing student learning and achievement is the quality of teaching inside the classroom,” Mr Robertson said.

“Queensland independent schools are staffed by committed and skilled teachers who are masters of their craft – these advanced level teachers deserve professional and public recognition for their skills and expertise,” he said.

Certification, which is overseen by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), is nationally recognised which expands career opportunities for teachers.

AITSL Chief Executive Officer Lisa Rodgers said national teacher certification provided a way for Australia’s best teachers to be recognised for their expertise and their impact on colleagues and students at the local and national levels.

“Teachers who choose to pursue national certification join a group of more than 370 teachers across Australia who are leading expert practice to improve student outcomes across the country,” Ms Rodgers said.

Mr Robertson said Queensland teachers applying for certification would undergo a rigorous evaluation process that involved gathering evidence of their teaching practices, classroom observations and peer and student reviews.

He said work was underway on a cross-sector approach to national certification in Queensland.

“ISQ supports a cross-sector approach to national certification of high performing teachers in the long term and will continue to work with our education partners, the Queensland College of Teachers, the Department of Education and Training and the Queensland Catholic Education Commission on developing a consistent statewide approach.”

Mr Robertson said ISQ had been undertaking elements of the national certification process as part of its Professional Review Service for teachers since 2015.

Twenty-six (26) teachers from eight independent schools have already developed portfolios of work against the HALT standards.

Independent schools can find out more about ISQ‘s new certification service at:


Media Contact: Justine Nolan 0428 612 315 or

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