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ISQ Welcomes Extension of Early Years Funding

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) has welcomed the Australian Government’s $440 million extension of the National Partnership Agreement on Universal Access to Early Childhood Education to the end of 2019.

ISQ Executive Director David Robertson said the funding extension would benefit more than half of all independent schools in Queensland which either operate or are co-located and affiliated with an early childhood service.

“This 2019 funding commitment will give early education services certainty to plan their programs and confirm their staffing while giving parents confidence to lock in their future education and care arrangements for the following year,” Mr Robertson said.

“A range of recent reports have called for a long-term commitment to quality early education in Australia because of the positive impact it can have on a child’s academic and social development as well as their future employment and life opportunities,” he said.

“Research has consistently confirmed the critical importance the early years of education play in developing a child’s social and emotional behaviour and building their early literacy and numeracy skills.”

“ISQ looks forward to working with the Australian and Queensland Governments on a long-term funding and policy commitment to early childhood education that gives young children the best start to learning and life.”

The Australian Government’s $440 million funding commitment to provide children with access to 15 hours of early learning in the year before school in 2019 builds on their $427.8 million budget allocation in 2018.


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