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Developing productive leaders

Leadership consultant and author Steve Scott joins The School Bell to discuss the importance of developing capacity, self-reflection and social capital within independent school leaders. Steve’s candid interview gives listeners invaluable leadership tips, lessons from real life experiences and an overview of what to expect from the ISQ New Principals and Aspiring Principals Programs.

Steve is the author of The 15 Disciplines – the essential checklist for productive leaders. His passion for leadership developed while serving for two decades in the Royal Australian Air Force, he now works exclusively in education. Steve leads the New Principals and Aspiring Principals programs for Independent Schools Queensland and chairs the Queensland Roundtable for experienced independent school principals.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • The impact of great leaders
  • Team capacity: creating leaders to sustain productivity and quality of work
  • Inclusion, information flow, justice and fairness in the workplace
  • Soft skills and hard work
  • Applying the 15 Disciplines
  • Managing stress from a lonely place
  • ISQ's New Principals and Aspiring Principals program
  • Experiential and practical learning
  • Leadership characteristics

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