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Parental Confidence in Qld Independent Schools Continues

Parental confidence in Queensland independent schools continued in 2017 with enrolments in the sector growing by 1,526 students to 118,942, according to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today.

Independent Schools Queensland Executive Director David Robertson said the national snapshot of school enrolments* showed Queensland independent schools recorded growth in both primary and secondary enrolments.

“Of the additional 10,949 students who enrolled in Queensland schools in 2017, 1,526 (14%) attended independent schools,” Mr Robertson said.

“While the state as a whole recorded greater growth in primary enrolments (6,293) than secondary enrolments (4,656), the independent schooling sector experienced higher growth in secondary numbers,” he said.

“Queensland independent schools enrolled an additional 1,071 students in secondary which represented 23% of total secondary enrolment growth in the state.”

Mr Robertson said the ABS data showed Queensland’s independent schooling sector maintained its share of total student enrolments at 14.7% in 2017.

“This data demonstrates parents value school choice and are continuing to exercise their right to select the school they believe will best meet the needs of their children,” he said.

Mr Robertson said parent surveys conducted by ISQ consistently showed parents choose independent schools for their: academic outcomes, supportive and caring environment, quality teaching, individual student attention and excellent facilities.

Mr Robertson said Queensland’s independent schooling sector served families from all income levels and comprised a diverse range of education options.

“Parents seeking tailored or specialist education offerings look to the independent sector because it offers parents education choice, such as schools based on a particular faith or educational philosophy, as well as schools that offer boarding or international programs,” he said.

“Specialist schools catering for children with special needs and young people who have disengaged from learning are also on the rise in Queensland’s independent schooling sector in response to parent and community demand.”

*Schools Australia 2017, ABS


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