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Report Confirms Non-State Schools Reduce Burden on Government Expenditure

03 February 2017

The Productivity Commission’s latest annual Report on Government Services provides a comprehensive analysis of government spending on state and non-state schools (Independent and Catholic) across the nation, with the data confirming that non-state schools continue to receive less total government funding than their state counterparts.

The report shows that in 2014-15 total per student recurrent expenditure by the Australian and Queensland Governments increased for all students in Queensland, with state schools receiving on average $16,198 per student and non-state schools receiving $10,223 per student.

The majority of government funding allocated to state schools comes from the Queensland Government, while non-state schools receive the majority of their government funding from the Australian Government.

Independent Schools Queensland Executive Director David Robertson welcomed the commitment and investment by both the Queensland and Australian Governments in school education in the state.

“A vibrant and healthy education system and well-educated population is central to Queensland’s future economic and social prosperity,” Mr Robertson said.

“The lower average per student rate of government funding allocated to non-state school students in Queensland continues to provide significant savings to governments and therefore taxpayers, with the savings generated in 2014-15 being in the order of $1.5 billion, ” he said.

“Independent schools also significantly reduce the burden on government expenditure on schooling through parental contributions to school capital costs.

“The report does not detail the significant after-tax contribution Queensland parents of non-state school students make to their children’s education which they should be acknowledged for.”

Report source: Productivity Commission, Report on Government Services 2017, Volume B: Child care, education and training.

Media contact: Justine Nolan M: 0428 612 315 E:

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