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The Value of Independent Schools

Independent schools are valued institutions and a pivotal part of Queensland’s education system.

They are valued:

  • schooling choices for families
  • hubs of human and community connection
  • places of intellectual, civic and social development
  • employers and employment generators
  • education innovators and changemakers.

Parent confidence in the quality and tailored learning provided by independent schools has seen enrolments surge by 20% over the past 10 years. In 2020 there are 218 independent schools operating across about 250 campuses educating almost 129,000 students from all backgrounds and cultures. About 40% of non-government schools in Queensland are independent.

Their unique and prized autonomy allows them to be highly attuned and responsive to any changes in their local communities, and to pivot quickly and galvanise support in times of crisis and to harness new opportunities in times of prosperity. Innovation is part of the independent schooling sector’s DNA – a characteristic that will ensure its longevity and ongoing role in shaping the educational futures of Queensland children.


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