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Top Marks for More Queensland Students in NAPLAN

2 August 2017

More Queensland primary school students are achieving top marks in national literacy and numeracy tests and fewer are struggling, according to results from the 2017 NAPLAN tests.

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) today released summary national and state data which showed Queensland was one of the most improved states in the nation.

Independent Schools Queensland Executive Director David Robertson said analysis of the NAPLAN results revealed some highlights:

  • Queensland is the only state to record substantial and statistically significant improvements in Year 3 reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling and Year 5 numeracy since testing began in 2008
  • Greater proportions of students, most notably in Years 3 and 5, are performing in the top achievement levels and fewer in the lower bands since 2008
  • On average about 95 percent of Year 3 students are achieving national minimum literacy and numeracy standards
  • In numeracy, 96 percent of students in all year levels tested (Years 3, 5 7 and 9) met the national minimum standards.

Mr Robertson congratulated independent schools on their contribution to lifting and extending the learning outcomes of Queensland students.

“What Queensland is seeing is a positive trend of fewer primary school children in the lower achievement bands and more in the higher bands over time,” he said

“This is the type of improvement independent schools are continually aiming for; to accelerate and elevate student learning and progress.”

Mr Robertson said the results showed writing remained an area of concern for Queensland, at all year levels, but particularly in the high school years.

“The challenge for Queensland education authorities and schools is to maintain the trajectory of growth and improvement achieved in the early years through to the high school years.”

Mr Robertson said Queensland also had some work to do on reducing student withdrawal rates from NAPLAN.

“Parents need to be informed and reassured about the purpose and benefits of NAPLAN. This single point in time test contributes to a much broader picture about a child’s progress at school and over time,” he said.

“It’s also important that we have the most accurate and comprehensive picture of student learning achievement and progress at a state level.”

Parents and carers of the 230,000 Queensland students who sat the 2017 NAPLAN tests are expected to receive their child’s individual report later this month.

Mr Robertson said independent schools would continue to work with the Queensland Government and the Catholic and state education sectors on implementing evidence-based programs that deliver the best outcomes for students.

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