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Board performance & evaluation

Boards must be able to demonstrate to stakeholders that the governance of the school is in safe hands and that they meet requirements of the ACNC Governance Standard 5, and accreditation requirements.

The best way for boards to demonstrate they have the necessary skills, knowledge and ability to fulfil this obligation, is to undertake a rigorous performance evaluation program on a regular basis. These evaluations can be undertaken as whole board assessments or individual director evaluation.

ISQ can help school boards with:

Board review

ISQ’s comprehensive board review service allows school boards to objectively assess the effectiveness of their governance arrangements. Respected industry experts work with boards to conduct an evidence-based review that benchmarks areas of strength, as well as areas for improvement. Evaluation of individual board directors including the Chair can also be undertaken via an online self-evaluation survey. These review services include a detailed report and debrief session to the Chair and/or the whole board.

Strategic planning

Experienced consultants can lead boards through a process of reflection on past performance, agreement on future direction and establishment of measurable goals. This usually includes working with board and school leaders to set and refine the strategic plan covering desired outcomes, context, roles and responsibilities, timeframes, inputs and budget. This program of work is readily modified to support the specific needs of the school and its board.

Strategic risk

ISQ supports school boards and school leadership to establish a robust framework for mitigating strategic risk by collaboratively identifying, analysing, evaluating and prioritising risks that may be faced by the school. A risk management policy that monitors and manages these risks can then be written, negotiated, agreed and implemented.

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