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Find an Independent School

Queensland's independent schools, sometimes referred to as private schools, are as diverse as the students and communities they serve. Search for an independent school that meets your child's needs from more than 220 schools across Queensland.

You can use the search tool to find an independent school, sometimes called private schools, by its name or within a suburb, simply by typing into the relevant search fields.

Choose from multiple fields to find a school that will fit your child's needs, including education type (e.g. primary only), gender type (e.g. co-ed), delivery mode (e.g. classroom) and affiliation (e.g. Anglican).

Select 'More' and find additional search criteria. You can choose to search for independent schools that offer boarding facilities, is a Special Assistance School, a Special School, or a School Registered Training Organisation, or hosts international students.

Showing the independent schools closest to your search criteria.

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The Value of Choice and Diversity in Independent Schools

Independent schools are so valuable because not everyone learns exactly the same way and not everyone comes from the same place.

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