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About the sector

Independent schools form a key part of the education landscape in Australia and sit alongside State and Catholic schools in contributing to Australian society and the safety, learning and wellbeing of Australian children.

Queensland independent schools cater for families from a variety of social and economic backgrounds and income levels, with the majority in the low-to-mid fee range. In fact, in 2021, half of all Australian independent schools charged fees of less than $5000 per annum.

About 40% of independent schools are located in regional or remote Queensland with the remaining 60% of independent schools located in metropolitan areas. 

For more than 50 years Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) has been the voice of the sector and a leading advocate for parental choice in schooling. ISQ is a representative body for independent schools, not a regulator or governing authority.

Sector Statistics

Sector statistics provide important insights into enrolment trends in Queensland’s independent schooling sector and across specific student groups such as boarders, students with disability, Indigenous and international students.

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) provides: 

  • snapshots of the enrolment data from the annual Non-State School Census (State) February Collection
  • snapshots of the data from the annual Non-Government Schools Census (Commonwealth) August Collection.

ISQ uses the data to inform its work with schools and in its representations to governments and other key decision-making bodies.

Detailed sector statistics are available for members on the ISQ Member Hub

Choice and Diversity in Independent Schools

Independent schools are as diverse as the communities they serve and offer parents a choice in the education of their children. 

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Queensland Independent Schooling Sector Overview

Queensland independent schools are a valued and pivotal part of the Queensland education landscape.

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ISQ Snapshot - 2024

Key characteristics of the Queensland Independent school
sector: those who are enrolled, those who work in independent
schools, and how these schools are funded.

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