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Diversity of Independent Schools

Independent schools are as diverse as the communities they serve and offer parents choices in the education of their children. More than 220 independent schools around Queensland provide a range of programs and services and cater for numerous cultures and values as they educate more than 130,000 students in their care.

Independent schools come in all sizes, from small community schools to large Prep to Year 12 schools and cater for families from a variety of social and economic backgrounds. Schools range from those affiliated with a particular faith, such as Christian, Islamic or Jewish faiths, to schools that promote an educational philosophy or serve community groups, including schools that have a majority of students from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and schools that support students with disability and/or learning difficulties.

Many independent schools educate international students or specialise in the education of students with disability. There has been strong growth in the number of Special Assistance Schools for students who have disengaged from mainstream schools, and trade training schools that combine senior year studies with practical vocational education and training.

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Value to Society

That little spark that you've seen just for that moment, you're actually seeing a potential that can open up a world.

Queensland independent schools are valued learning institutions, playing a pivotal role in the development of engaged, informed and globally aware citizens – citizens whose intellect, talent, skills and passion advance their community, society and the state.

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