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School Fees & Scholarships

Fees for independent schools can vary greatly. Many schools offer scholarships and bursaries for students whose parents are unable to pay full school fees. Some schools may also offer lump-sum payments or discounts for siblings. Special Assistance Schools charge minimal or no fees to parents. Parents are strongly urged to do their own research on the fees of schools that interest them.

  • Scholarships awarded by the school are rare and are usually reserved for students who have a special talent that the school is seeking, such as art, music, or academics. Generally, scholarships are based on financial need. They may be awarded once, annually, or as long as the student meets the scholarship criteria.
  • Bursaries are awarded annually to students whose families demonstrate financial need, and students must re-apply each year. Bursaries come from the school’s budget and do not have to be paid back.
  • External scholarships are rare. Ask the school for a list of organisations that have provided scholarships to their students in the past. Each scholarship program will have its own eligibility rules, application, and deadlines.
  • Tuition Payment Plans allow you to make monthly payments rather than writing one or two large invoices each year. Schools may offer payment plans through a third-party financial services company.
  • Lump-sum payment Many schools offer a discount for paying the year’s school fees in a single lump sum.
  • Sibling discounts are designed to help families with more than one child enrolled in the same school.

Offering families choice in schooling

Families from cultural, language, disability and socio-economic backgrounds value the education offered by independent schools. Investing in your child's education is a significant decision for families so it is vital to find a school that suits their child's education needs, aligns with personal beliefs and educational philosophy, and is within their financial means. Many independent schools offer scholarships and bursaries and detail specific enrolment information on their websites.  

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