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Seizing the moment to foster sector growth
Christopher Mountford, CEO

The independent schooling sector has so far successfully weathered one of the most tumultuous periods in global history. Despite the significant economic, demographic and social upheaval, the sector has experienced record growth and, for Queensland independent schools. the news has been even more heartening.

While recognising that growth is not evenly distributed across metropolitan, rural and regional centres, the statewide figures are very encouraging, and a ringing endorsement of the quality of teaching, learning and wellbeing support provided by independent schools.

Does regulation make a difference to non-state schools?
Shari Armistead, Director (Strategic Relations) and Allan Guse, Principal Advisor (Policy & Research)

Education attracts high levels of State and Commonwealth government funding and the need for governments to keep track of taxpayer money. In this heavily regulated environment, there is a range of potential alternatives offered by modern regulatory practices for authorities to consider when making or amending regulations.

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