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Research Affirms Importance of School Choice
Christopher Mountford, CEO

School choice has been a feature of Australia’s education system since our nation’s early colonial beginnings more than 200 years ago. Generations of Australian families have sought out schools with an education mission or approach that aligns with their own values, beliefs and aspirations for their children. This desire has fuelled ongoing growth in Australia’s independent schooling sector.

Review of the Australian Curriculum
Mark Newham, Director (School Improvement & Performance)

The preamble to the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration, agreed to by all Education Ministers across Australia states that:

Education has the power to transform lives. It supports young people to realise their potential by providing skills they need to participate in the economy and in society, and contributing to every aspect of their wellbeing.

Perhaps that is why what is taught is always so fiercely contested given the stakes are so high.

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