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Professional Learning

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) offers a catalogue of governance tailored to the needs of independent school governors. The ISQ School Governance Course consists of 12 governance modules designed to support independent school boards, councils and school management teams.

The School Governance Course provides participants with a deep understanding of all aspects of governance relevant to an independent school setting.

Governors benefit from learning from highly respected facilitators and discussing common governance issues with members of other school boards. They gain the tools to make a positive contribution to their organisation.

The course is designed to be flexible to fit governors' schedules. Participants complete the 12 modules via a series of 90-minute webinars, offered both during and after business hours (including Saturdays). They can be undertaken in any order. 

Governors from member schools can find out more on ISQ's Member Hub.

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ISQ Professional Learning Prospectus

ISQ provides professional development to support school boards and leadership teams to govern effectively and confidently.

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Governance Short Courses

The ISQ Governance Short Course program is comprised of 12 key modules offered through four short courses. Each short course builds on the knowledge and experience of previous courses. Search 'governance' on ISQ's Connect&Learn.

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Governance Finance

This online course has been developed to assist school board members to interpret their school’s financial statements, allowing them to make an informed judgement about the solvency of the school.

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Governance Induction

This suite of online modules has been designed to provide new board members with a general understanding of the governance in place within independent schools, and their role as a board member.

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