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Roles & Responsibilities

Independent school governors are positioned to make a positive contribution to future generations of students. The trust granted to them by school communities requires a diligent approach to fulfilling significant responsibilities.

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) assists board chairs and members to understand their unique roles and responsibilities and supports them in directing and monitoring their school’s pursuit of its mission, vision and strategic objectives.

Independent school governors are charged with balancing various stakeholder interests, overseeing executive performance, managing strategic risks and ensuring ongoing compliance in a complex regulatory environment.

In addition, independent school governors carry a variety of duties under common and statutory law, including the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Regulation 2013 and the Corporations Act 2001. They are required to act with care, diligence and in good faith in the best interests of the school. They are required to not improperly use their position or the privileged information they receive.

ISQ provides individualised advice and a diverse range of resources, template policies and research reports to support boards in establishing an effective governance framework that meets their obligations. ISQ also offers governance reviews that assist boards in elevating their performance and increase the value they add to their organisation.

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