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Member Hub FAQs

What is in the Member Hub? Do I need access?

The ISQ Member Hub is the central place for all member communications, resources, templates, and information across all our support areas.

Member Hub access is required to view key communications and resources but is not essential for access to other key ISQ platforms.

To gain access, you will be required to accept the email invitation to join the Hub. Please request access using the form here.

Does this impact on Connect&Learn? Will I need separate logins?

Connect&Learn is tightly integrated with ISQ Member Hub and uses the same login, known as Single Sign On (SSO). Your Member Hub sign-on details are also your Connect&Learn sign-on details. 

Do staff need Member Hub access to get access to C&L?

Your Member Hub sign-on details are also your Connect&Learn sign-on details. You can access both the Member Hub and Connect&Learn using the same sign-on details. 

How quickly are new people be added to the Member Hub, and access sent?

Our staff will be confirming each request to ensure access to our Member resources on the Hub is available to the whole of the ISQ community. We will endeavour to email your invitation to you via email within two (2) working days of receiving your access request.

Will I be able to self-register?

Yes, absolutely. Member school staff and school governing bodies are welcome to request access using the online form here.

Can bulk requests be done in the future?

Schools may request for a bulk invitation to be sent out by requesting the spreadsheet via this link.

Who needs access?

This is for each school to decide, but we suggest including all staff who may have a need to access the resources on the new ISQ Member Hub or may be asked to form part of an ISQ project/community “Team”. 

Is the school’s board to be included?

ISQ recommend school board information be submitted, including the Chairperson’s contact details, as a minimum.


How to access the ISQ Member Hub

You will need to complete the following steps

Step 1: Request access

Complete this form to request access, using your school email address to help us authenticate your request.  

Step 2: Wait for your email to be verified

Your application will be verified by ISQ to ensure you are connected to a member school or associated affiliated group. 

Step 3: Accept/click on the emailed invitation link

Once your application has been verified, you will receive an email inviting you to access ISQ's Member Hub.

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