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What Parents Want: An Independent Schools Queensland survey examines the decision-making process parents undertake when choosing an independent school, including cultural influences, sources of information, and the important factors that guide school choice. The report is the fifth in a longitudinal study, commencing in 1996. 

Read the 2021 Key Findings (published April 2022)

Access the full report (available to ISQ members only)


Previous reports

2018 Key Findings  |  2015 Key Findings  |  2011 Key Findings  |  2007 Key Findings

What Parents Want

As parents, we were really happy...the communication was on the front foot and they helped to navigate and prepare for a really challenging situation.

The fifth What Parents Want – An Independent Schools Queensland Survey report highlights what parents value when choosing a school for their child and for the first time analysed schools' responses to the COVID pandemic.

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