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Staff and student wellbeing is extremely important.  Clinical nurse and Ed-LinQ coordinator Wendy Mills discusses the services Ed-LinQ provides to schools and how ISQ is working with Ed-LinQ on behalf of independent schools to ensure training where it is needed most. 

For example, a recent workshop on managing young peoples’ screen use is discussed with practical strategies for schools, teachers and parents.

Ed-LinQ comes under the Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service.


In this episode, we discuss:

0.57    Ed-LinQ and the services they provide to schools

2.55    The relationship between Ed-LinQ and ISQ

3.39    Managing gaming and screen use for young people

8.25    OECD recommendations and student empowerment

11:32    Youth mental health first aid 

14.35    Support regarding gender diversity

18:42    School refusal and school disengagement

20.15    How Ed-LinQ has helped in schools

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