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Rarely in recent history has school leader and staff mental health and wellbeing been so tested as during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prof Donna Cross of the Telethon Kids Institute joins The School Bell to discuss school leader and teacher wellbeing as a critical factor for student success.

In her recent research report, School Leaders’ and Staff Wellbeing is Critical for Student Success, commissioned by Independents Schools Queensland, Prof Cross presents an evidence-based perspective on what promotes or erodes school staff wellbeing and shares five wellbeing recommendations.

In this episode, we discuss:

1.31    Importance of school leaders and staff wellbeing

3.35    School/work environment and conditions impacting staff wellbeing

8.11    Factors which can help improve staff wellbeing

11.52    Five wellbeing recommendations

14.18    Enabling and sustaining supportive leadership practices

16.46    Providing effective induction and mentoring

20.30    Tracking wellbeing priorities and progress

23.20    Advocating for government policy reform

27.48    Final messages from Prof Cross

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