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A Brisbane independent school will represent Queensland at a global coming together of educators focusing on innovation in the sector, when the 24 Hours for Change in Education initiative kicks off today.

St Paul’s School, Bald Hills will be among the presenters in a series of 24 presentations from education experts from around the world, showcasing what schools and students are doing to innovate and improve education internationally.

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) is a proud partner of the initiative and will host one of the first segments as part of the worldwide marathon, helping to develop an organic roadmap for change within education.

ISQ Chief Executive Officer Chris Mountford said just like any other industry, innovation in education was a necessity to prepare students for a rapidly changing global landscape.

“Our world is constantly changing, and schools must evolve and adapt in order to support students in achieving their best possible educational outcomes,” Mr Mountford said.

“The autonomy of independent schools creates the ideal conditions for education innovation. This autonomy gives them the freedom to try new evidence-based ideas and technology and incorporate what works best into student learning programs.

“By using this platform to share ideas about what schools are doing across the globe and how they are making a difference in their local communities, schools are ultimately working together to create a better education environment for students wherever they may be.”  

St Paul’s School Principal Dr Paul Browning is the guest speaker in the ISQ hosted segment, presenting on the future of learning and education.

Dr Browning said schools needed to be at the forefront of the discussion on how to best prepare students for a rapidly changing future.

“Seldom does a day go past where I’m not alerted to how fast technology is reshaping and reorientating the world we live in,” Dr Browning said.

“I look forward to working alongside my colleagues from across the sector to lead this conversation and effect change.”

24 Hours for Change producer and founder of The Learnerspace in Argentina Gabriel Rshaid said the event sought to convey the importance of changing education and doing it the right way.  

“The event will provide educators and students worldwide with an opportunity to express genuinely how they are changing education, and we will be capturing those expressions of change so that we may inspire other learners to dare to disrupt the status quo,” Mr Rshaid said.

“We are all aware of the need to change as well as the main drivers for change including a learner centred education, development of new skills, global connections, environmental awareness and focusing on wellbeing. Our project will be a spontaneous gallery of initiatives that encompass the world.”

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