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Dr Andreas Richter is a Reader in Organisational Behaviour at Cambridge Judge Business School. Andreas joins The School Bell to discuss the key factors essential to transformational leadership, how leaders can prepare for and manage change effectively and gives listeners practical tips to motivate, develop and inspire their team, especially during times of crisis.

You can read more about transitional leadership in the 2020 Independent Schools Queensland research feature, Transformational Leadership in Crisis and Change (Armistead, 2020).

In this episode, we discuss:

1.22   The definition of organisational behaviour (OB) and its importance for leaders

2.35   What drew you to this organisational behaviour?

2.56   A summary of the most significant research in OB for leaders

3.49   Transformation Leadership in Turbulent Times and other online professional learning programs

4.30   Definition of transformational leadership

4.50   Practical changes school leaders can make to become transformational

7.26   Using simulations as a learning tool

9.37   How leaders can best prepare for change  

11.51  The difference between Crisis Management and Change Management

17.08   Are leaders born or made?

20.26   Advice for school leaders to become transformational leaders

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