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Against all Expectations
David Robertson, Executive Director

Just over twelve months ago, Australia (and the world) was thrown into massive disruption as the impact of COVID–19 took a powerful grip on our economy and our way of life. Queensland schools had their first shutdown in the last week of Term 1, 2020 and remained closed for several weeks into Term 2, as online learning was rolled out across the state.

There was much “doom and gloom” as the economy went into a deep and rapid decline. There were fears for independent schools and the sector, given the role of parents in contributing to the costs of schooling through the payment of fees. Against all expectations, one year on from the start of the global pandemic, the sector has not only survived the challenges of COVID-19 but has thrived, as evidenced by recent enrolment data.

Vulnerability, the impact and potential to help nurture your youngest students
Mark Newham, Director (School Improvement & Performance) & Anjulee Singh, School Services Advisor

Schools are required to carefully navigate the requirements concerning data security and privacy legislation, which creates copious amounts of compliance-related administration for schools. However, the important work of educators hinges on access to accurate and reliable sources of information about their students.

The Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) is a national measure of children’s development, as they enter their first year of full-time school. The census involves teachers of children in their Prep Year (in Queensland), completing a research tool also referred to as ‘The Instrument’.

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